See Us Feel Us Hear Us, posthumous DNN Video

13 09 2011

Check out this spy/scavenger hunt escapade! we will find a middle-eastern dictator/ home sweet home in no time flat! choreography by the now-dis-assembled DNN.

“Mr. Ahmadinejad”, by Darling New Neighbors, from the 2011 EP, “Freakers on the Spazmonaut Train” — available on iTunes and

Video directed and produced by Franc Dado Hen (Chad Hopper and Fernando Flores), in Austin, Texas, in 2011.

Here’s a glowing album review of “Freakers on the Spazmonaut Train” from the Austinist! thank you, Phillip Pantuso!:

and from KUT radio (Art Levy):

& lastly, a sweet send-off from our beloved Audra Schroder (The Austin Chronicle)

And, just for the Franc Dado Hen (Chad Hopper and Fernando Flores) 2010 bookend, here’s Gasoline.


Fare thee well!

16 09 2010

photo by Ray Umscheid

Good night sweet prince(s)! it’s been epic & we thank you each & every all. End of a chapter. an era. an amazing journey, all with love. We gave our final bow with a happy bang last saturday night. We were surely touched and teary eyed to see all of you Neighborheads out at that Skinny’s show.


Also! Buy our new EP! The delicious Freakers on the Spazmonaut Train, starring DNN with special brass guests: Amber, Lee, and Rashid. $5 – download at OR contact us at and we can arrange a mail/ship dealio for you.

Be on the look out for the upcoming NEW DNN VIDEO [Mr. Akmahdinejad], produced by Chad Hopper with the dazzling camera work of Fernando.

Also, enjoy “Gasoline.” This is also the video brainchild of Chad Hopper, Austin artist and genius behind all the Pal Float comics and art. We are so very proud of this lo-fi gem.